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We provide a full range of services related to Intellectual Property, Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret, Unfair Competition, Franchise, Insurance Coverage, and Licensing Law. We also litigate Complex Business cases.
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Surjit P Soni
Surjit Soni
Attorney at Law
Surj is respected as a litigator and his achievements on behalf of clients and the quality of legal representation he provides have been chronicled in a number of published decisions.

Surj has over four decades of business management and marketing experience, including extensive experience in international trade, finance and U.S. Government regulatory procedures. His extensive business experience has been effectively applied in diverse transactional and litigation settings.
Leo Lundberg
Leo E. Lundberg, Jr.
Attorney at Law
Leo is a highly experienced Intellectual Property litigator who previously practiced at Gauntlett & Associates and Loeb & Loeb. Leo’s successes at obtaining insurance coverage for Intellectual Property claims have made the difference between a favorable outcome and financial disaster for his clients.

Leo has repeatedly shown that quality research, reasoning and a highly articulate writing style are hallmarks of effective advocacy. You wouldn’t want Leo against you.