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The Soni Law Firm was successful in defending our case before the Federal Courts. All of the lawyers on the team at the Soni Law Firm worked for years on our cases and never let up.
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Intellectual property is often the only hedge against competitors today. With it businesses can enjoy protected markets and claim premium pricing for their goods and services. Without it, price competition and instability can cause opportunities for business success to evaporate.
"Intellectual Property" refers to all property created by the mind.

"Ideas" leading to invention are the domain of patent law;

"Creative expression" is province of copyright law; and

"Reputational interests " are protected by trademark law and rights of publicity.

Trade secrets and unfair competition laws ensure compliance with standards of fair play and honest conduct in business which are expected in a civilized society.

Today’s markets are driving new strategies for developing and managing intellectual property. Companies are increasingly focused on intellectual property assets both as growth catalysts and as currency in mergers and acquisitions. Modest investments in strategic counseling can generate extraordinary returns. We can help you implement an appropriate strategy.

Intellectual property practice involves transactional work and litigation. Evaluation of rights, client counseling, preparation and prosecution of patent, trademark, and copyright applications, administrative appeals, oppositions, and cancellations proceedings, and licensing are all components of our transactional practice.

Litigation is just one of many dispute resolution processes we employ to overcome claims asserted by others or to secure respect for our client’s intellectual property.

You have to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

Objectively assessing claims, whether made for or against a client, and knowing which ones to pursue and how vigorously is central to our approach. Intellectual property is immensely important to a business but losing an intellectual property suit can be devastating.

We do all that is possible to ensure we win if a fight is appropriate or inevitable. We always seek to take control of the litigation early in the case and we remain thoroughly prepared at every stage. Temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, product seizures, protective orders, expert witnesses, product surveys, and economic analyses are all tools we employ to influence the Court and the jury to rule for our clients. We pursue creative and intelligent strategies and cost efficient solutions to bring the litigation to an early close.

We frequently work with general corporate and business counsel, as well as, general practice firms who desire our firm’s special expertise. We also have strong relationships with firms nationwide and abroad so we can be battle ready anywhere in the world, whenever necessary.

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