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Date: June 23, 2015

Client 1.0 - we are here to "advise" you, but, more importantly  to get you what you want


Many non-lawyers look at Attorneys as a kind of a "prestly caste" - people with special learning in an arcane and esoteric science.  They often come to their lawyer and ask, "tell me what to do."

That's not how we do things at The Soni Law Firm.

Our first step is to always sit down with the client, in person if we can, over the phone if we must, and listen to them very carefully. Just listen.

This takes time and most lawyers don't want to do it.  They are masters of jumping right in on a client's presentation giving the client their opinions, advise and strategy.

This, in our opinion, is not a good way to go.

We are going to listen to you throughly.  Really througly.  Then, when we we understand that you are finished, we will dialog with you to get to what it is exactly that you want and how we are going to get it for you.  That's right.  It's our business to get you what you want.

Once we know what you want, we persue that object diligently and with zeal.  We dib;t substitue our vision, goals and desires for yours and we ever believe that the facts or the law create a situation in which your objectives have to be modified, we will talk this through with you completely.

That's just the way we do things here at The Soni Law Firm.

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