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Client 1.2 - We are here to represent you zealously »
At Soni Law, we never substitute our judgment for yours. We are here to fight for you.
Startups 1.2 - Copyright Protection »
What is a copyright and how do you get it? A copyright is a different animal from a trademark or a patent. Learn the difference.
Client 1.1 You Really Don't need A Lawyer - You Need a Trusted Advisor »
Lawyers may be able to get you how of legal trouble, but a Trusted Advisor can see to it that you don't get into the trouble in the first place.
Client 1.0 – We are here to “advise,” but more importantly, to get you what you want »
The hallmark of The Soni Law Firm is finding out exactly what it is you want - and helping you to get it.
Startups 1.1 - Patents »
Patents may be were some big money is lurking. But where do you start?
Startups 1.0 - Trade Name, Trademark, Domain Name »
This short piece will tell you all you need to know in the beginning about your Trade Name, your Trademarks and your Domain Names.

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