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In both cases, all charges were dismissed and one of the plaintiff’s patents was invalidated by the court. Intellectual property is probably the most complicated part of civil law and The Soni Law Firm proved they are experts.
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Copyright extends to creative expression fixed in tangible forms. Copyright protection extends to very diverse subject matter, such as computer software, works of art, audio-visual works, architectural works and literary works.
Words, pictures, music, movies, creative designs of every kind are big money. The demand for the aesthetically beautiful, the intellectually intriguingand the entertaining is international and continues to increase unabated. Copyrights allow the creator to control reproduction, distribution, performance, display, and even the creation of other works based on the original.

And these powerful rights can be licensed and sold in whole or part and for limited territories. The profit opportunities are unlimited.

Registration of the copyright provides substantial statutory advantages, such as the right to recover statutory damages and lawyers’ fees in the event litigation is necessary to enforce the copyright. Registration is a prerequisite to infringment litigation in most cases.

How do you get a copyright?

Protection under the U.S. copyright law arises immediately upon creation and "fixation" of the work in physical form.

For many copyrightable works, registration is straightforward, and we often assist our clients in setting up an in-house registration procedure. Sometimes, however, complicated issues involving ownership, publication and derivative works warrant that our copyright specialists prepare and file the application for registration. In litigation matters, the firm can obtain an expedited copyright registration in a matter of days.

What can The Soni Law Firm do for your copyright?

We can help you understand copyrights, register, license and protect copyrights under U.S. and other copyright laws. Copyright law amendments and changes such as those identified below have created a complex landscape which requires sophisticated approaches to maximize opportunities.
  • The United States ascension to the Universal Copyright Convention
  • The Berne Convention
  • The Digital Millenium Copyright Act
  • The Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act
  • Piracy and Counterfeiting Amendments Act of 1982
  • Record Rental Amendment of 1984
  • Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984
  • Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990
  • Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act
  • Computer Software Rental Amendments Act of 1990
  • Semiconductor International Protection Extension Act of 1991
  • Copyright Renewal Act of 1992
  • Audio Home Recording Act of 1992
  • Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act of 1995
  • Anticounterfeiting Consumer Protection Act of 1996
  • No Electronic Theft (NET) Act
  • Fairness in Music Licensing Act of 1998
  • Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act
  • Computer Maintenance Competition Assurance Act
  • Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999
  • Work Made for Hire and Copyright Corrections Act of 2000
  • Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002
Copyrights are available for:
  • Literary Works
  • Musical works, including any accompanying words
  • Dramatic works, including any accompanying music
  • Pantomimes and Choreographic works
  • Pictoral, Graphic and Sculptural works (including product configurations)
  • Motion pictures and other audio-visual works
  • Sound recordings
  • Computer programs
  • Architectural works
The firm also counsels clients on how to develop and reverse engineer computer software and firmware without infringing the rights of others. The firm also frequently negotiates and prepares agreements to resolve controversies involving copyright ownership and infringment.

We Can Help You Pursue Profit Opportunities.

United States law is very favorable for copyright owners. The profit opportunity from licensing and enforcement of copyright interests have grown tremendously in recent years. The United States’ recent adoption of the International Berne Convention makes U.S. copyrights enforceable in many more countries than ever before. Understanding copyrights can be the difference between profiting from your work and watching while someone else does.

The Soni Law Firm Copyright Enforcement and Defense Program

We can obtain seizures of the infringing goods, often without prior notice to the infringers. Infringing goods can be ordered destroyed and injunctions and damages can be obtained. Infringers can also be required to turn over their profits and pay your fees. Powerful tools indeed. We can also make sure you are not fall victim to the.

The firm has substantial copyright litigation expertise, both in enforcing and defending copyright infringement claims.

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