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Practice Area » Insurance Coverage Litigation

Litigation without insurance can be a bankrupting experience. We can make sure that you are adequately protected and that your insurance carrier fulfills its obligations under its insurance contract with you.
Why Is Insurance Important?

Most people don’t know what insurance coverages they have, let alone that insurance policies typically purchased by businesses include entitlement to a paid defense for potentially covered claims. Often, the cost of defense will dwarf any liability from the asserted claim. Even more often, cases are settled because it is simply more expensive to defend than to pay an unmeritorious claim. It’s sad but true.

What Can The Soni Law Firm do you In Regard to Insurance Coverage?

An insurance company collects a premium in exchange for its promise to do certain things in the event of a claim. Insurance Coverage Law has become a complex area of commercial law. We have for over 20 years assisted our clients in understanding what insurance coverages they have and what coverages they need. We do not sell insurance, we provide advice on insurance matters and make sure the insurer does what it promised to do.

Insurers have in-house legal expertise devoted to the company’s coverage matters. They send lengthy letters denying coverage based on various cases and exclusions, but ignore many other relevant cases, policy forms or the inapplicability of certain exclusions to certain claims. We focus the insurer’s attention to those facts of the claim and the relevant law, which require the insurer to defend and admit coverage. In most cases we are able to convince the insurer to voluntarily provide a defense without litigation.

We represent commercial entities and individuals in resolving insurance coverage disputes with their insurers in regard to:
  • claims made by employees
  • claims of mixed negligence and intentional acts
  • claims made regarding employee benefit plans
  • commercial litigation
  • unfair competition claims
  • construction litigation
  • environmental claims
  • claims made by borrowers or investors
  • sexual harassment
  • wrongful termination
The firm prosecutes bad faith litigation in both federal and state courts when insurance companies refuse to defend or pay claims in bad faith.

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