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The Soni Law Firm helped us refine and clarify our consulting contracts. Their help was valuable in protecting our intellectual property while providing our clients the value they expect for their investment. We have established a relationship we could rely upon in the future.
Patent Application Client

Practice Area » The Soni Law Firm Patent Business Affairs Group

Our business affairs group works closely with clients to chart the course for their growth and profitability.
We are part of your team and participate in annual or semi-annual strategic planning meetings and in day-to-day decisions by marketing, research and development and top management to develop or select new business lines and trademarks, protect company assets through copyright and trademark registration, and by filing for patents. We also help clients locate strategic partners, negotiate joint ventures and design and manage manufacturing and distribution systems both in the United States and abroad. Finally, we also assist clients in complying with government regulations and reporting obligations.

In short, we can help get you what you want.

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