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Successful licensing depends on knowing and practicing "the art of the deal."
Why License?

Licensing allows businesses the ability to leverage resources to enter national or worldwide markets that they otherwise could not serve because of a lack of sufficient personnel, finances.

What Can The Soni Law Firm do for your Licensing Program?

We can help you pursue profit opportunities with licensing while avoiding the risks and dangers which accompany certain types of licensable properties.

Traditional licensing opportunities are presented for patents, copyrights, trademarks and know-how for hardware and software products, electronics, entertainment, character licensing, health care and a myriad of other markets.

We can assist in technology and content licensing in bound or out-bound for emerging companies, and for Fortune 500 companies, in commercializing of university research and for outsourcing services for both dot.coms and e-commerce players and old-economy firms such as hospitals and restaurant chains. OEM and VAR licensing programs permit exponential growth opportunities.

Licensing transactions can involve Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), Small Business Innovative Research grants, NASA’s EOCAP grant program or other sources for financing. Structured strategic alliances, joint ventures, equity-based and contractual cross-licensing, distribution and co-development deals are all tools we use to help clients achieve mission-critical results.

Special care must be taken, however, when licensing trade secrets and know-how because of the loss of exclusive control over the trade secret information. Licensing trade secrets can also establish a competitor or may result in your licensee getting greater public recognition the licensor.

The Soni Law Firm License Compliance and Enforcement Program

We can help clients establish contract compliance programs to insure you get what you deserve and don’t run afoul of your obligations. As in all business transactions, disputes sometimes lead to litigation

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