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Practice Area » Unfair Competition

Unfair competition claims often strike at the core of a company’s business strategy and demand the attention of key management and are often costly to litigate and can potentially lead to large fines and damage awards.

Why Unfair Competition?

Unfair competition and antitrust law, includes misuse of intellectual property, standard setting organizations, licensing restrictions, marketing and distribution practices, pricing issues, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. Especially fertile sources of competition-related cases are the California Cartwright Act and California Business and Professions Code 17200 which prohibit any unfair trade practice. Below costs sales, price-fixing, even use of illegal alien labor can draw an investigation or, worse yet , a law suit from a competitor or consumer.

Knowing how to manage your business to avoid unfair competition lawsuits is every bit as valuable as knowing how to stop your competitors from getting the gravy.

What Can The Soni Law Firm do for you?

We advise clients in transactions that potentially raise difficult competitive issues with the objective of minimizing risk and maximizing flexibility to realize its business objectives. To be effective, we have to deploy a deep understanding of the client’s business, the substantive laws, and the litigation or administrative processes through which the laws are enforced.

To represent clients aggressively, efficiently, and effectively in this constantly changing area of the law, we develop an understanding of how competition operates in the client’s industry and client technologies.

Unfair competition, Antitrust and trade regulation litigation cases tend to be document intensive. We have computerized document management systems in place that allow us to meet the high throughput these cases require for document collection, production and analysis. We have developed systems for aggressively pursuing the other side’s documents and managing thousands of discovery materials cost effectively, whether they are in paper or electronic form.

The Soni Law Firm Unfair Competition Enforcement and Defense program

Our litigators have represented clients from a wide variety of industries in federal and state court cases involving the full range of antitrust and unfair competition issues throughout the United States and in foreign jurisdictions.

We have the resources necessary to deal with most antitrust or unfair competition cases. Even the larges of law firms typically only staff cases with two or three lawyers; we can more than match their capabilities because our attorneys have the knowledge of the subject area, the experience to work as a team and the stamina to take on whatever the opposition shells out. No larger law firm has ever out-litigated The Soni Law Firm.

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