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I have no hesitation in recommending The Soni Law Firm. They have some of the brightest attorneys I know and, in my experience, completely scrupulous. It is a pleasure to work with them, as well as being formidably competent.
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Patents entitle their owners and licensees to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale or selling the covered inventions.
Why Patent?

Owners of patents can use them to protect market share, increase profit margins and improve returns on investment. Patentees can get their damages, and in the case of design patents, your profits too, plus attorney’s fees and costs and a trebling of the damage award if the infringement was willful. Patent infringement should be avoided whenever possible.

In other words as a patent owner, you can make more money, longer. As an infringer, you can lose your shirt.

Patent protection should be considered for significant products and processes with significant commercial potential, not every innovation. Even if you cannot afford to manufacture and distribute the invention yourself, a patent can create a very satisfying revenue stream through licensing.

How do you get a Patent?

The first step toward profiting from patents is to evaluate the economic value of the invention against the scope of the potentially allowable claims, and the cost of obtaining the patent. This process involves obtaining a disclosure of the invention and conducting a patentability search.

Patent preparation involves describing and claiming the broadest scope for the disclosed invention with a mind to distinguishing all known prior inventions. Prosecution involves trying to convince the Patent Office Examiners to allow the patent to issue in the broadest available form.

Interferences before the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and appeals before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit can be used to overcome objections to patentability and to invalidate patents issued to others.

What Can The Soni Law Firm do for your Patenting Program?

The Soni Law Firm assists clients in identifying and prioritizing patentable inventions and in establishing company procedures for managing a patent portfolio using strategies grounded in the realities of commercialization, licensing, and litigation.

The firm has filed and prosecuted patent applications in the U.S. and abroad. We can provide patent related services all technologies, including:
  • Bio-informatics
  • Business Methods

  • Computer hardware
  • Internet

  • Mechanical sciences
  • Nano-technology

  • Software
  • Biotechnology

  • Chemistry
  • Electronics

  • Materials sciences
  • Medical devices

  • Optics
  • Wireless communications

The Firm has lawyers with technical degrees and who have worked as engineers, developers or scientists within their respective fields.

The defensive side of our patent practice involves conducting Infringement Analysis, Validity Studies and Design Around efforts. While valid patents should be respected, invalid patents should not be permitted to foreclose valuable business opportunities.

We Can Help You Pursue Profit Opportunities.

Patents we have obtained for our clients have successfully protected hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. We have also assisted clients in the licensing of their patent rights and in strategic procurement of patent rights from others.

The firm also frequently works with investors and acquiring companies to assess the patent assets and liabilities of target companies and for financing transactions. Our access to venture capital and other forms of financing, add value by enabling us to offer our clients an integrated approach to valuing, protecting, and commercializing intellectual property.

The Soni Law Firm Patent Enforcement and Defense program We use active policing efforts to enforce client patent rights and we proactively assess claims to decide whether to settle or fight. Our trial skills are enriched by our technical patent expertise.

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